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Nature's Life Brand Information

The following was taken from the Nature's Life® website ( on April 20, 2002.

This Code of Ethics is designed to ensure the safety, quality and integrity of our product formulas, production, packaging and educational material.

INTENT: We endeavor to ensure our activities provide benefit to others. We support efforts to prevent disease and promote optimal health. We do not diagnose, prescribe for, or treat health conditions unless licensed to do so.

SAFETY: We will take all responsible efforts to ensure that our products are safe when used as suggested; we only provide products that meet Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs); we ensure that all of our products comply with our published Product Standards and Labeling Standards; we encourage and support all efforts to foster sustainable and organic farming and processing practices.

INFORMATION: We support efforts to distribute accurate and valid information on the health benefits of dietary supplements and natural foods; we make only accurate, truthful and validated benefit statements; we only engage in sales and marketing practices that are truthful and non-misleading; we provide useful contraindication and interaction information as needed.

SELF REGULATION: We obey all applicable laws and regulations; we support and advocate self-regulation and quality assurance; we are active in efforts to ensure that government regulation of our industry is equitable and reasonable; we support measures that protect the environment, safeguard resources and improve the quality of life; we are responsible and ethical in our relationships with our consumers, customers, employees, peers, competitors, governments and neighbors. We abide by this Code of Ethics in all our actions and mandate its use by all our employees and contractors.

PRODUCT STANDARDS Ingredients and Formulations:

  • Only those ingredients, ingredient forms and ingredient amounts that have published scientific validation in human health and nutrition are used.
  • All herbs and food concentrates are Certified Organically Grown whenever available.
  • Only those ingredients that are foods, food concentrates or substances found naturally occurring in foods are used.
  • Stimulants are specifically prohibited as a prime ingredient, in a base or as an excipient.
  • All formulas shall be reviewed and approved by licensed health care practitioners.

    Good Manufacturing Practices: The purpose of Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs) is to provide documented practices and procedures for the handling, manufacture, processing, testing, packaging, labeling, storage and shipping of nutritional foods and dietary supplements distributed by Nature’s Life. These guidelines ensure that our products are safe, pure and potent and that our label claims are accurate and truthful. All of Nature’s Life’s products and procedures comply with Federal and State GMPs. Nature’s Life has been certified GMP compliant by an independent auditor and given and “A” for excellent rating by the NNFA (National Nutritional Foods Association). For a copy of our complete Good Manufacturing Practices, please visit our web site at

    Potencies, Overages & Weights:

  • All products are manufactured to provide 100% of labeled ingredient potencies, as well as designated physical characteristics, through the “best before” date.
  • All products are manufactured to ensure that nutrient overages do not exceed safe levels.
  • All tablets meet the proposed United States Pharmacopoeia (USP) standards for weight variation.
  • All pills meet the proposed USP standards for weight variation.

    Disintegration: All non-sustained release tablets meet USP disintegration standards of 30 minutes in water at 37°C, using a standard suspended agitation device. All hard shell capsules meet USP disintegration standards of 45 minutes in buffered acetate at 37°C, using a standard suspended agitation device. All tablet coatings are water soluble.

    Excipients: All excipients are purified, preapproved, food products. No artificial preservatives, colorings, flavorings, stabilizers or additives are used.

    LABELING STANDARDS Legality & Integrity:

  • All product labels comply with all applicable laws and regulations.
  • All claims and statements on product packaging are valid, accurate and truthful.
  • All labels meet or exceed industry guidelines and standards.

    Labels & Labeling:

  • All products have full disclosure labels, including all ingredients and excipients.
  • Only scientifically substantiated claims are made.
  • Claims for superiority of form are made only if substantiated by published scientific evidence.
  • All labels provide information for consumers with sensitivities to common allergens, or contraindications for common interactions.
  • All product labels are informative, truthful and non-misleading.
  • All product packaging includes a “best before” date in an easy to read format (3/2003).
  • Consumer warnings and cautions are included when appropriate.
  • All product labels include consumer storage instructions on how to keep the product fresh for as long as possible.


    Bottle Basics: Nature’s Life uses primarily amber tinted high density polyethelene (HDPE) to package its dietary supplement pills and powders. Compared to glass, HDPE has 85% of the moisture and vapor barrier properties and provides superior protection against ultraviolet light. HDPE is also safer than glass, because it won’t crack, shatter or break if dropped. The real advantage, however, is environmental; HDPE has such a low melting point that it requires 50% less energy to produce than glass, and because it is 70% lighter than glass, uses significantly less energy to transport. HDPE is easily recycled by most curbside pickup programs nationwide, double the rate of amber glass, and uses significantly less energy and water to be recycled. HDPE is superior to glass because of reduced material use, reduced energy use and increased recycling rate.

    Inside the Bottle: Many pills contain ingredients that absorb moisture from the air, which can lower potencies. To combat moisture, Nature’s Life places a water-absorbing dessicant packet inside many bottles. Many pills also contain oxygen-absorbing ingredients. Oxygen can degrade the ingredients and lower the potencies. To prevent this, Nature’s Life places an iron containing antioxidant packet inside many bottles. Nature’s Life never uses dioxin-bleached natural or artificial “cotton” (it’s not really “cotton”, it’s rayon cellulose) wadding found in many other brands. This wadding material is not necessary to protect the products; it increases the cost of the product and adds refuse to landfills.

    Safety Seals: Each Nature’s Life bottle provides two separate safety seals. The primary safety seal is a multi-foil inner heat seal, which is literally melted onto the top of the bottle. The second safety seal is an outer neck band. Both seals are 100% tamper evident to offer you greater protection against tampering or adulteration.

    References: Society of Plastics Industry, American Plastics Council.

    Quality Assurance Questionnaire
    Questions prepared by the Natural Products Quality Assurance Alliance
    Answers provided by the Nature’s Life Quality Assurance Team Q. Who owns your company?
    A. M.K. Health Food Distributors, Inc. d.b.a. Nature’s Life is a California Corporation wholly owned by its co-founder and active President and CFO, Marianne Kostka.
    Q. Please list the industry groups to which your company belongs.
    A. 1) National Nutritional Foods Association (NNFA) plus all 8 regional associations
    2) International Alliance of Dietary/Food Supplement Associations (IADSA)
    3) American Herbal Products Association (AHPA)
    4) American Botanical Council (ABC)
    5) Organic Trade Association (OTA)
    6) Citizens for Health (CFH)
    7) Co-op America Business Network
    8) Better Business Bureau
    9) U.S. Chamber of Commerce
    Nature’s Life also has affiliations with and provides financial support for many other groups & educational institutions.

    Q. What government permits does your company have?
    A. 1) California – Department of Health Services – Food & Drug Branch
    2) California – Organic Food Processor Registration (plus various local, state and federal business licenses)
    Q. What kind of guarantee do you offer?
    A. Nature’s Life offers a “no-questions-asked” guarantee – 100% satisfaction, or your money back.

  • 100% Potency
  • 100% Safety
  • 100% Satisfaction
  • If taken at suggested dosages, prior to “Best Before” Date We stand behind our high standards of quality, safety and scientifically-based benefits.
    Q. What type of packaging materials do you use?
    A. We design each product package with three key goals in mind:
    #1 – Consumer safety
    #2 – Product protection
    #3 – Minimal environmental impact
    All of Nature’s Life product packages and packaging materials are 100% compliant with all Federal standards for food packaging, and are exclusively comprised of ingredients reviewed and approved by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

    You have expectations, and we will meet them:

    Quality is everyone’s business!

    “Quality You Can Trust!” – is not just a slogan. It is the guiding principal of everything we do at Nature’s Life. The dietary supplements industry is self regulating and Nature’s Life is a leader in implementing regulations which ensure consumers receive safe and effective products. Do you have concerns about your health? Is your goal to be as healthy as you can be? Nature’s Life understands and wants to help you make informed decisions.

    Quality Products + Quality Information = Quality Health Benefits For You!